How to Donate

The Transforming Birth Fund has a vision: nothing short of transforming the way birth is perceived and managed in our health care system.

The Transforming Birth Fund is made possible by a single donor with a passion for this issue. Educated about policy and practice before having children, her commitment to the issue was solidified through the birth of her own two children, at home with the support and care of a Certified Professional Midwife. Twelve years after the birth of her youngest, she still describes the births of her children as among the most positive and powerful experiences of her life.

Other donors have now expressed interest in joining resources with the Transforming Birth Fund. Please consider investing your charitable resources in the Transforming Birth Fund so that, together, we may change the way women in America experience birth.

We ask for a minimum gift of $50,000 and all funds to the Transforming Birth Fund will be housed and managed by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, a private nonprofit foundation with numerous donor-advised and issue-specific funds.

Donors are asked to make their gifts to the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. All gifts are tax-deductible and will be restricted to the Transforming Birth Fund. Donors to the Transforming Birth Fund will receive detailed annual reports on grants made, progress on previous grants, and program priorities for the coming year.

Contact Betsy McNamara, Consultant, at 603-219-0699 or for more information on how you can help to transform birth.