About Us

The Transforming Birth Fund was borne out of one woman's safe and joyful experience birthing her two children at home with a Certified Professional Midwife. Because this is a woman who inherited money, and because she wants to see birthing experiences like hers become the norm rather than the exception (whether in the hospital, in a birthing center, or at home), she has donated the money that the Transforming Birth Fund grants each year to organizations across the country. The Transforming Birth Fund grants up to $500,000 a year to support nonprofit organizations working to change the way birth is experienced by women and babies in the US.


The Transforming Birth Fund believes that giving birth can be one of the most powerful and positive experiences in a woman’s life. Transforming Birth values the model of birth that is woman-centered, in which the mother is an informed and active partner in pregnancy and birth, in which she is nurtured and supported throughout the labor, and in which technological intervention is used only when medically necessary to support positive health outcomes for the mother and baby.

When this vision is achieved:

  • Maternity care is evidence-based and supports physiologic birth.
  • The United States has a 15% C-section rate.
  • Women have a range of informed choices of birth settings and providers, and transfers between them are managed safely and efficiently without conflict.
  • There is continuous measurement of performance and ongoing disclosure of quality outcomes.
  • Women experience birth as a powerful, life-affirming experience—not a frightening medical event to be managed.